About the Band



Deep in the hills above Los Angeles there is a weekly poker game. Musicians, TV composers, and some other regular guys. Some of the poker players jam before the game, being musicians and all. Dan the keyboard player and Chris the guitar player discovered that their record collections were virtually identical (as was the music files on their phones). Although they disagree on some versions of Genesis or Yes, Chris and Dan were both brought up on the classics. ELP, Pink Floyd, Rush, U.K., and Brand X, as well as fusion monsters like Jeff Beck, Mahavishnu Orchestra, and Return to Forever. This love of all things prog rock was the inspiration for Charlie Good.


Dan Stein was a studio keyboardist and member of a few NYC 80’s bands in Manhattan before moving to Los Angeles in the early 90s. He has been composing and producing music for commercials, TV and film ever since. Dan is extremely happy that he can write Charlie Good music without worrying about whether it will sell a can of dog food.



Chris Westfall looks like a metal head, but actually he’s from Ohio. He utilizes his metal-ness in a cult classic metal band playing festivals worldwide.




Russ Landau likes to fly airplanes. If you watch TV, you’ve heard his music. If you saw cool bands in the 80’s and 90’s, you’ve seen him play bass.